Schönbrunn Edition 2018

For the eighth time now, exhibitors at the Schönbrunn Christmas Market will be presenting their creations on the theme of Schönbrunn – a selection of glass and wood items as a souvenir with a touch of imperial flair of a visit to the market.

Glass Christmas stag
The white-gold glass stag stands proudly on its solid oiled oak wood base. Michaela Lutz has taken inspiration for her Schönbrunn Edition from the White-Gold Room in Schönbrunn Palace. The king of the forest is made of twenty-four pieces, decorated with 24-carat ducat gold details with a loving hand-made finish. It forms the perfect addition to the sleigh from 2016.

Glass flacons
Gisela Otasek-Hartl’s glass-blowing workshop has produced noble flacons recalling the imperial past, when ladies at court used elegant glass bottles for their fragrant perfumes or reviving smelling salts. The free-form and hand-blown flacons are made of tough borosilicate glass and coloured with silver, gold or ruby gold oxides. Each flacon is unique.


Alderbaran glass-bead star
Benno Rohrbach’s filigree star is inspired by the Red Room in Schönbrunn Palace. It is named after Aldebaran, one of the brightest stars, which is particularly visible in the winter months. Benno has thread 401 Czech cut-crystal beads by hand onto a single brass wire to form a magnificent red and gold star.
Available from STERNENPRINZ | Booth 19

Imperial coach made of choice wood
The original eighteenth-century coronation coach, called the Imperial Coach, can be seen today in the Wagenburg Carriage and Vehicle Museum in the Schönbrunn Palace grounds. The horse and carriage by Peter Fülöp are made of cherry wood, and the wheels of maple. Unpainted to highlight the choice material, it reflects the splendour of the golden original – an enchanting gift for young and old alike.
Available from KREISEL HOLZSPIELZEUG | Booth 30

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