Nr. 09

Bienenwachskerzen & Dekoration

Mokovci s.r.o.

Authentic bee’s-wax products

Mokovci s.r.o. is a family-run workshop that can look back on twenty-seven years of successful activity. In the village of Záhorská Bystrica, now part of Bratislava, the family make candles in traditional forms and arrangements. The bee’s-wax candles combined with dried flowers are a particular attraction. The family also keep bees in the Little Carpathians and near Niva on the Morava river. All of the candles and decorations are made with wax from the family’s own bees or from beekeeper colleagues.


Period: 18/11/2023 – 04/01/2024
Country: Bratislava, Slovakia
Material: Wax

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