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Knödl Küche Uhudlerglühwein

Hannersberg Event KG

Dumplings and Uhudler mulled wine

Two passionate food lovers from Burgenland and one from South Tyrol opened a restaurant in Hannersberg in the south of the province of Burgenland. Their establishment is renowned beyond Austria’s borders as a wedding venue. “We revitalise old traditions while remaining mindful of our roots,” say Ronni Gollatz, Markus Fischer and Philipp Stainer. Visitors to the Schönbrunn Christmas Market will enjoy their potato dumplings filled with smoked pork or boiled beef or in vegetarian or sweet versions. The hot drinks are a taste experience in their own right. Uhudler mulled wine from south Burgenland has the flavour of a basket of coloured berries. Sustainability, regional produce and respect for their staff are vitally important for the Hannersberg trio – as guests will quickly find out for themselves.


Period: 19/11/2022 – 01/12/2022
02/12/2022 – 13/12/2022
14/12/2022 – 26/12/2022
27/12/2022 – 04/01/2023
Country: Vienna, Austria

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