Nr. 49

Marchfelder Seifenmanufaktur


Natural soap blocks, soap shop, bath cubes and balls

Fragrant, handmade skincare treasures are available in the hut of the Marchfelder soap factory beeQueen. Spoil your body with the valuable ingredients of the carefully prepared soaps, such as olive oil, almond oil and marigolds, which are only a small selection from a variety of rich ingredients. Try the solid shampoos, already trusted by many regular customers, and discover the outstanding advantage of the products already upon using the very first piece of the rich assortment: there is no need for plastic bottles for high-quality care! Let yourself be inspired by the fragrant assortment and take your favourite bar of soap home with you fresh from the block!


Period: 18/11/2023 – 26/12/2023
Country: Strasshof, Austria

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