Holzspielzeug Weihnachtsmarkt Schönbrunn
Nr. 21

Nachtigall Holzspielzeug

Fülemülék Bt.

Wooden toys and Christmas tree decorations

Spinning tops, trains, hobby horses, fun pull-along animals, ... If you are looking for high-quality and durable wooden children's toys, you are sure to find them here. The Fülöp family from Hungary make their own wooden toys, kitchen utensils and decorative souvenirs in their family workshop.

"We love the colors of natural wood and therefore often combine different types of wood to make our products colorful. We usually use walnut, cherry, acacia, beech, pine, maple and oak. Sometimes we also color our toys, but only with child-friendly colors and oils certified for toys. Whether it's toys or kitchen utensils, it's important to us that the products are durable and can be used for a long time. We want to create unique designs and shapes while maintaining the right quality."


Period: 18/11/2023 – 04/01/2024
Country: Örkény, Hungary
Material: Wood
Website: fulemulek.webnode.hu/

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