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Ukrainisches Kunsthandwerk

Hand-painted Ukrainian Christmas decorations

Welcome to the beautiful world of Ukrainian handicrafts! Discover gifts with history and tradition that have both artistic and cultural value and learn more about petrykiwka painting from Yulia Grushko and her family business UkrGifts.

UkrGifts has made it its mission to make Petrykiwka painting - as a part of Ukrainian culture - known in the world and especially to support the artists. For 7 years now, the small Berlin-based company has been presenting the handmade and hand-painted wooden jewelry at European markets, thus contributing to the preservation of this beautiful tradition. Admire the products in advance in the online store and learn more on site.


Period: 18/11/2023 – 04/01/2024
Country: Berlin, Germany
Material: Wood

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