The safety and health of our visitors and co-workers have the highest priority for us. We have therefore devised an extensive COVID-19 prevention concept together with all Vienna Christmas markets, the Vienna economic chamber and the public health expert Prof. Hutter so as to enable you to visit in safety.

Because of the pandemic, there will unfortunately be no Christmas workshop or New Year’s Market this year.

To ensure that you can visit the Christmas Market Schloß Schönbrunn safely, the organizers are ensuring social distancing through the use of a recommended one-way system, additional buffet tables, the wide spacing of the food stands and much more.

We look forward to your visit and ask you to take account of our safety measures.

Thank you for your support!

Here are the main rules for your visit:

Social distancing
For the safety of everyone we request that you keep a distance of at least 1 metre from staff and other visitors. Please follow the safety instructions of our staff. They are designed to ensure the safety of everyone. Avoid congregating in groups and wait if required to do so.

MNS mask
Masks must be worn at all times.

Hygiene recommendations
Please observe the hygiene regulations. Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and/or use one of the disinfectant dispensers that will be available. Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a paper handkerchief and dispose of it immediately.

Information on voluntary contact tracing will be provided shortly.


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