The elephantastic end of the Christmas & New Year's Market Schloss Schönbrunn

Autor:in Sophie Scheffknecht

Like every year, a very special event took place at Schönbrunn on 11 Janurary 2024:

The magnificent Christmas tree which spread Christmas cheer all over the 30th and very last Christmas Market and New Year's Market at Schönbrunn Palace, was cut down.

While some were probably rather sad about the end of the market, others were all the happier. The African Elephants at Schönbrunn Zoo could not imagine a better New Year's present than the remains of the Christmas tree, which they were then allowed to play and romp around with.

In order to be able to cut down the tree donated by ÖBF safely and properly, this was left to the professionals from the forestry department of the City of Vienna. The tree parts were then carefully transported to the elephant compound, where the gentle giants were already happily waiting to receive their favourite toy.

A truly elephantastic end for the market!

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