Nr. 46


Bernhard Hauer

Pewter toys and wind serpents

Everything spins and is in motion in these nostalgic pewter toys with wind-up clockwork and keys. Visitors can relive their childhood at this stand, which features both classical and more modern items. There are roundabouts, cars, motorcycles, robots, animals and even a scale-model tractor with built-in gears, all packed in their own cardboard boxes. Young and old alike will be delighted. The toys are wound up for demonstration and make a perfect gift.


Period: 19/11/2022 – 01/12/2022
02/12/2022 – 13/12/2022
14/12/2022 – 26/12/2022
27/12/2022 – 04/01/2023
Country: Vienna, Austria
Material: Metal

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