Magdalena Anderle Weihnachtsmarkt Schönbrunn
Nr. 19

Woll & Filz Werkstatt

Magdalena Anderle

Hand-made wool and felt products

Let yourself be enchanted in the wool & felt world of Magdalena Anderle from Linz. A multitude of wondrous mythical creatures made of natural wool await you: angels, witches, fairies and unicorns as well as a wide range of small, lovingly handmade animals will entice you into a cozy, Christmassy world. You will also find an extensive range of unique, handmade nativity figures, Christmas tree ornaments and unusual gift ideas for young and old. All figurines are wrapped and felted from wool, largely biodegradable and largely made from regional, natural sheep's wool. We warmly welcome you!!


Period: 18/11/2023 – 04/01/2024
Country: Linz, Austria
Material: Felt

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