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Hollyaroh Porzellanmanufaktur

Anna Holly

Unique porcelain items

We are still living it, the individual fine work. Hollyaroh, short form "HY", creates high-quality porcelain products in Vienna Josefstadt with much love and care. Handmade plaster molds provide the basis for the casting process. Hollyaroh manufactures demitasse cups, tea mugs, plates, bowls & tableware for private customers and gastronomy. Lampshades, vases of all kinds, jewelry and accessories are also the order of the day at HY. Hand-drawn motifs are burned in using screen printing technology. Of course, everything at Hollyaroh is dishwasher safe and suitable for everyday use.

Have you ever tried porcelain casting? We also offer workshops. Get a voucher at our booth!


Country: Vienna, Austria
Material: Ceramics

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