Gissinger Schinkenspezialitäten am Weihnachtsmarkt Schönbrunn
Nr. 55

Gissingers Schinkengenuss

"Gissinger" Schinken-, Wurst- und Fleischspezialitäten GmbH

Ham, sausage and meat specialities

In its 4th generation, the gourmet butcher from the heart of Vienna has been striving to create the best for its customers since 1935. The motto of the chef is: If it says Gissinger on it, it's a good buy! In addition to its various hams, Gissinger is also famous for its bacon and sausage specialties from boar and Mangalitza pigs!


Period: 18/11/2023 – 04/01/2024
Country: Vienna, Austria

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